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SOK – Victron settings

Victron configuration guide for SOK batteries

    MPPT Charge Controller Settings

    • Battery Voltage: Set depending on the system, normally 12v.
    • Max Charge Current: OK to set as high as desired, but no more than 50a per battery
    • Charger: Enabled
    • Battery Preset: User Defined
    • Expert Mode: ON
    • Absorption Voltage: 14.6v
    • Float Voltage: 13.8v
    • Equalization Voltage: 14.6v
    • Rebulk Voltage Offset: 0.40v
    • Absorption Duration: Fixed
    • Absorption Time: 15 Minutes (This allows for proper cell balancing)
    • Tail Current: Disabled
    • Equalize Current: 0% (For safety we don’t want equalization at all.)
    • Automatic Equalization: Disabled
    • Equalize Stop Mode: Automatic (On voltage)
    • Maximum Equalize duration: 0 Minutes
    • Manual equalization: DO NOT CLICK START
    • Temperature Compensation: Disabled
    • Low Temperature Cutoff: Disabled (unless you add a temp sensor, the BMS has this protection built in)

    Settings for Victron Blue Smart chargers:

    Victron’s Li-Ion profile is NOT sufficient for non-Victron LiFePO4 batteries. Enter configuration and turn on “ADVANCED” switch, then select “Custom” charge preset. Then click “Advanced Battery Settings”.

    The battery preset should be set to “User Defined”. Turn on the “Expert Mode” switch.

    Charge Voltage Settings:

    • Absorption Voltage: 14.6v
    • Float Voltage: 13.8v
    • Storage Voltage: 13.6v
    • Recondition Voltage: Disabled
    • BatterySafe: Disabled
    • Voltage Compensation:
    • Temperature Compensation: Disabled


    • Bulk Time Limit: 24 Hours
    • Re-bulk Current: Enabled, set to full output current of charger, typically 25A


    • Absorption Duration: Fixed
    • Absorption Time: 1 Hr
    • Repeated Absorption: Every 7 days


    Recondition Stop Mode: Fixed time
    Recondition Duration: 15M (This is the minimum allowed setting. It is already disabled in charge voltage settings, but set to this as a safety precaution)


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