Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V


Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V

The DC Circuit breakers can be used for any DC load of up to 250V. Examples of this would be between the battery bank and solar charge controllers, DC-DC chargers, lighting, fridges, and any other appliance circuits that need resettable DC protection.

·         Why Use a DC Circuit Breaker to Protect Circuits?

A circuit breaker is a safety device that interrupts the flow of current in an electrical circuit to prevent damage from excessive current flow, short circuits, or electrical faults. When it comes to DC (Direct Current) circuits, using a reliable circuit breaker, like our Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V is essential for a variety of reasons.

Protection from Overcurrent:

DC circuits, like their AC counterparts, are susceptible to overcurrent conditions. An overcurrent occurs when more current flows through a circuit than it’s designed to handle. Without adequate protection, components can overheat, leading to possible fires or damage to the connected equipment. A Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V provides a quick response to overcurrent conditions, ensuring that the circuit is broken and the current flow is halted immediately.

Safe Isolation from Faults:

A short circuit or electrical fault can send a surge of current through the circuit. In such scenarios, it’s crucial to disconnect the faulty part of the circuit from the power source swiftly. Our Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V acts as a robust safeguard, disconnecting the circuit almost instantaneously in case of a fault, preventing any damage or hazard.

DC-Specific Design:

DC systems have different characteristics than AC systems. While AC voltage alternates and periodically drops to zero, DC voltage remains constant. This can make breaking a DC circuit more challenging due to the continuous arc that forms when trying to interrupt the flow. A Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V is specifically designed to handle these challenges, ensuring a quick and safe interruption of the circuit.

Flexibility and Scalability:

Whether you’re setting up a small DC-powered application or a large-scale system, having a versatile solution is crucial. A reliable Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V offers adaptability for various applications. It can be used in multiple setups, ranging from solar panel systems to DC-powered machinery and vehicles.

Long-Term Savings:

An upfront investment in a Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V can result in significant long-term savings. By preventing potential damage to your equipment and reducing the risk of fires, this circuit breaker can help avoid expensive repairs and replacements. It’s an investment that pays off by ensuring the longevity and safety of your equipment.


DC circuits, though distinct from AC circuits, are equally vulnerable to over currents and faults. The importance of safeguarding them with a suitable protective mechanism cannot be emphasized enough. By choosing a high-quality product like our reliable Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V, you are not only ensuring the safety of your DC circuit and connected equipment but also saving on potential future costs related to damages and repairs. Always prioritize safety and reliability when selecting a circuit protection solution.

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Suntree DC MCB 1-Pole 20A 250V

Used for the overload protection of residential grid-connected systems.

New and improved design
  • The contact opening distance is larger 8.5~9mm increases the breaking capacity
  • The number of arc extinguishing plates has been increased to 13 pcs
  • Unique patented design
  • The breaker has a short-circuited busbar which is easier to install
  • Silver graphite contact, which ensures better electrical conductivity

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