MPP 4kW 24Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter


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The MPP 4kW 24Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter offers advanced power management for off-grid solar systems.

Key features include parallel capability, programmable LCD modes, built-in WiFi for system monitoring, and advanced BMS communication. It supports high PV input up to 145V and can support an array of up to 2000W.  It offers efficient battery charging with optional modes. Ensuring safe power with pure sine wave output, it’s user-friendly, easy to install, and comes with complimentary monitoring software, ideal for efficient, remote power solutions.

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MPP 4kW 24Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverterwith Advanced Connectivity and Power Management

Discover the MPP 3kW 24Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter, designed exclusively for off-grid solar applications. This state-of-the-art inverter offers a blend of power efficiency and user-friendly technology, making it an ideal choice for remote and independent power setups.

Key Features:

  1. Suitable for 24 Volt systems
  2. Parallel Capability  1-phase or 3-phase PARALLEL output up to 6 units (requires parallel kit)
  3. Programmable modes on LCD, e.g. AC priority vs. Solar(DC) priority
  4. Built in Generator AUto start/Stop
  5. Integrated WiFi Transmitter: The MPP 4kW 24Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter comes with a built-in WiFi transmitter, allowing seamless monitoring of your system’s performance on both iPhone and Android devices.
  6. PV Input: The MPP 4kW 24Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter supports a photovoltaic input of up to 145V, maximizing solar energy collection and conversion.
  7. Optimized Charging Capacity: With a maximum system charging capability of 80A, this ensures your batteries are efficiently and effectively charged.
  8. Battery Optional and Equalization Modes: This inverter operates with flexibility, allowing usage with or without a battery and featuring an equalization mode to enhance battery life and performance.
  9. Pure Sine Wave Output: The MPP 4kW 24Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter guarantees a stable and reliable pure sine wave output, crucial for powering sensitive electronic devices safely.
  10. PV Array Compatibility: Specifically designed to support a maximum PV array of 2000 watts
  11. High Utility Charging Current: Offering a substantial utility charging current of up to 80A, it ensures quick and efficient power backup.
  12. Customizable Bulk/Float Settings: The MPP 4kW 24 Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter allows for adjustable bulk/float settings up to 31V, catering to various charging needs.
  13. User-Friendly Programmable Menu: Tailor your power management with an extensive and easily navigable menu.
  14. Simplified Installation: The MPP 4kW 24Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter is designed for easy installation, suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
  15. Complimentary Monitoring Software: Enjoy a free, comprehensive monitoring software package for PC, Mac, and Linux.

The MPP 3kW 24Volt Hybrid Off-Grid Inverter is your go-to choice for reliable, efficient, and smart off-grid solar power management. It’s perfect for those who need a cost-effective dependable power source.

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Please note that this inverter requires a cabled 240-volt connection. You will require a suitably qualified person to undertake these electrical connections.

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